Towards the end of my Junior year of high school my best friend, Ricki, came to me with an idea to choreograph a dance in dedication to her friend who passed away due to a red light runner accident. In time this idea grew into a charity concert that would involve the other Performance Dance groups of our high school district. Each school submitted a dance or two that was about a problem they saw in the world. All proceeds went to the Red Means Stop Foundation.

Ricki and I did a special duet for her friend as well as another girl who tragically lost her life about a decade earlier from our high school for the same reason. Our dance highlighted the girls wonderful characteristics and celebrated their life. Our concert was titled, “Live It!” to broadcast the importance of living life to the fullest and cherishing each moment.

After the first year Ricki and I put together a binder documenting all of the steps we took to put the concert on and gave it to the dance teachers of our district. Since then it has traveled to a different high school each year. This host school organizes the concert and the others bring pieces to be a part of the show. The host school also chooses a new charity to benefit each year.